Ecommerce Solutions


Do you have a product or service you call for to sell on the Internet?  We can help.

We fabricate e-commerce sites to sell, not just look GOOD.

Did you hear about the unbelievable clout of the e-commerce systems Nowadays? We tailor them to your clear-cut requirements, furthermore fabricate beautiful online loggia that aids you in making an impact on your customers around the globe. For far-fetched e-commerce solutions, and to navigate the new wave of e-commerce and electronic customer retention management (e-crm), talk to us.
E-commerce is all about getting the customer shopping and coming back for more. We know how to pull off exactly that!

Online spending is rising and drawing more and more businesses and consumers each year. The web is a flabbergasting tool that takes away any local limitations, allowing you to put on the market to a worldwide audience. Thereby increasing revenue for your company, an online shop helps you maximise your growth and potential profits in the online market whilst being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, and to worldwide audience, whether you are engrossed deep in your slumber, having a stroll with your family, or getting together with friends. We deliver a whole host of creative and market leading eCommerce and e-marketing solutions that capitalize on revenue. Working with our clients, we focus on delivering an engaging online user experience, powered by cutting edge technology that add to sales, raise turnover and delivers a maximum ROI.

Whether you want to pull out your physical store online, or creating an online business to sell your stuff online and are on a tight budget then we believe Solushunz Technologies could be a better solution for you. Guaranteeing that your ecommerce website will loom the crowd, we’ll get your products in front of people who want to buy them online and make certain you take the money.

We do not design an ecommerce solution with lots of complex and knotty features. Our e-commerce solution doesn’t require a dedicated server to be setup or for you to have a merchant account. And most importantly, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and we don’t take a cut of your sales. But our e-commerce solutions are all bespoke targeting to avail you fulfilling all your needs and requirements, so that you can be certain that your e-commerce website will stick out from the throng.


Site features

• Numerous language support
• Multiple tax support
• Manifold of currency support
• all site and product pages are search engine friendly


• Unconstrained category depth
• physical and virtual products
• products can reside in numerous categories
• featured products
• quantity discounts
• product options


• Diversified shipping methods


• Multiple payment methods


• Upload product information
• Bespoke customer emails
• View orders
• Add pages and blocks with ease

Extra features

• Newsletter manager
• discount coupons
• gift certificates
• unlimited extra pages
• multiple ad banner controller

To be successful online, you need:

  • A website built for your business and your customers
  • A website that is discovered with no trouble by those searching for what you sell
  • A website that converts traffic in sales
  • A website that makes you profit online

Solushunz Technologies Web Design’s experience in casting flourishing online shopping enterprises will lead you through the process.

With eCommerce functionality you can spread out your options and sell 24/7. But to capitalize on sales, you’ll want a website that comprehends your customer and promotes safe, secure shopping. To do that you need spick and span coding, engaging and eye-catching design, shrewd in navigation, and clean and simple to use with a clear buying process that your customer trusts.

We can link into current stock systems, acclimatizing to give you high functionality such as online processes, email backs and traffic light stock systems. It allows customers to complete their purchase swiftly and easily, with secure, safe payment methods and easy stock management systems.

Solushunz Technologies serve on all these grounds to fabricate inducing web designs with chief e-commerce technology and established optimization strategies that ensure your website draws those customers who can represent increasing revenue.

Our experience in eCommerce development and website management has enabled us to give online businesses the supple, scalable, functionality-rich technology platform that they need. Built on a highly flexible platform the eCommerce solution delivers the power and performance required to manage any volume of traffic or online sales.

Salient Reasons to work with us:

We dole out commercial advice as well as tremendous solutions

  • We have a established track testimony of delivering e-commerce strategy that will pull off profitable results; you get sales generated and sustained growth.
  • Our e-commerce sites have soaring conversion rates, maximising sales, making more money for you.
  • Your website will be dead easy to use and provide you with the flexibility necessitated to nurture your online shop, generating sales.
  • Our eCommerce Solutions combine striking eCommerce web design, contemporary technology and proven web marketing strategies to provide retailers with a first class online platform – that makes money! You attain success there are three areas that must be perfect:

1. Exposure (traffic + marketing on/ off line)

2. Conversion (website quality, usability, content, up-selling + cross-selling)

3. Inventory (price, range, choice, images, videos + competition)

Global e-commerce necessitates careful planning to guarantee that your message will be understood in foreign countries and you will be able to deliver the merchandise. Solushunz Technologies possess the expertise to be your strategic partner in global growth.

Whether you’re a small business in need of a shopping cart package or a multinational that calls for an enterprise-wide commerce management system, we have the solution to suit your requisites. Our custom built ecommerce shopping carts provide an unwavering, secure, and proven framework to sell your products and services to the globe.

The design process fire up with an in-depth briefing. And to ensure your finished website is perfect, we’ll yank and revise until you’re absolutely happy and gratified- all for one, all inclusive prices.

Our Prime Objective:

  • Your return on investment, making sure visitors can find what they are after and purchase it with ease.

Solushunz Technologies is a hosted e-commerce solution offering retailers a great way to build up a highly classy e-commerce store that’s easy to manage nevertheless powerful, flexible and search engine friendly. Our administration tools lets you sort out your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and act in response to orders.

Unlike other hosted e-commerce offerings, we allow the designer or developer easy control over the appearance of the store, so that you can ensure that it looks its best, attract customers, enthuse trust and closes sales. We do all the preliminary design, theme development and store setup for you, so that you can start selling quickly and get a jump on your online and  offline marketing efforts. There is no easier solution for your ecommerce needs than solushunz technologies.

One of the core reasons we work in such a varied field is our flexibility. As every eCommerce solution we deliver is bespoke, we can tailor our solutions to meet the needs of any business. As with all of our solutions, our eCommerce websites are designed to be classy, competitive in the search engines, and comprehensible for your visitors.

The solution is designed for India retailing with default currency in Rupees. Can we pull out to other currencies? Of course we can! We can put in all sorts of customisations but our key objective is to provide 90% of what YOU require using our powerful standard solution – getting you online and trading with a tasteful, effective, secure website, at the lowest possible cost.

Our ground-breaking shop system can fetch you a whole host of benefits including:

  • An interface that can be used with no trouble by both you and your clients
  • Space for unlimited products and categories
  • Order management including automated invoices
  • Stock control

What do you by selling via the Internet?

  • way in to customers from around the globe
  • near to the ground operating costs incurred in running your business
  • easy access to potential customers
  • your products are easy to order
  • you sell products 24/7

How much does creating a website cost?

All quotes are geared up on an individual basis depending on the level of intricacy and the specific technologies used.

There are many reasons that go into an unbeaten and successful ecommerce website:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Can products be easily found?
  • Are images and product information easy to see and read?
  • Is the checkout process simple and straightforward?
  • And so many more…

With the emergence of social media such as Facebook and Twitter we are also able to amalgamate a full marketing strategy for you in this sphere with the inclusion of:

  • Facebook ‘Like’ buttons on all pages including product pages
  • Product reviews that can then be shared on Facebook + Twitter
  • Share blog posts and integrate these into your social media fabric.
  • Blogging about your product can shove your online profile, especially if your articles have unique and attention-grabbing content.

The more that people speak about your product and in turn the more traffic that is generated to your site will result in higher rankings.



Shopping cart features

There are hundreds of ecommerce platforms that online merchants can pick from. The differences between these carts can be noteworthy, so knowing what features matter and what do we provide is important:

  • Product Category Sections: you will be able to add and delete any products at any time of the day. So for instance if you find that a product has gone out of stock you can right away remove it from the ecommerce website and swap it with a new product.
  • Pricing Structure: you will be able to modify the price of any product as your discretion through our easy to administer ecommerce platform. This is a great approach to move stock or products. If you feel that the price is far above the ground all you have to do is go in and take the price down. The effect is instantaneous and it is very easy to do.
  • Shipping Information: You will be able to alter shipping and courier information at the click of a button so you will be able to customise this for international orders.
  • Product Description: There will be an area within the product page for a meticulous description of the product. You can have as much or as little content as you like but you will have the knack to write some ‘sales driven’ content that can really sell your product.
  • Email Order Notification: As soon as someone places an order through the ecommerce web site you will be instantly notified of this. On top of that the client who placed the order will get an email notification as well that they have placed an order with all the order details and information.
  • Customer Database: Your new shopping cart will have a database that will remember customers’ information and details making it easier for them to make a purchase. Customers will be able to view and modify their personal account details through an easy login area that is password protected. Depending on your preference customer accounts can be created before or after the Check Out area of the site.

The system will remember the client history and facilitate the purchase to be made at a later date. You can also forward your purchase ideas to a friend.

  • Photo Zooming: You will be able to zoom in on a product image for those wanting to see more details on a product. This is great for products that are very detailed such as clothing material, watches, glasses, on the whole anything you can think of.
  • 360 Degree View: The technology is approximately to be able to have the product rotating 360 degrees within the ecommerce website design. You can see the front, back and sides of a product which is built in such a way that it is viewable on androids and ipads. We code it in Java script, not flash to make possible this feature. This is a stupendous earmark for people on the go who want to look for a product on their iphone or ipad.
  • Photo Thumbnails for Each Product: Product images are among the largely effectual ways to exchange a few words with customers on an ecommerce site. Have as many thumbnail images of the product as you like 5, 10 or even 20 it’s up to you that can then enlarge with a simple roll over mechanism. This is an excellent way to display the many essential features that a product may have.
  • Sign up for Newsletter Area: Incarcerate client information and email them product updates or specials whenever you like. This is an awe-inspiring feature and really keeps your customers steadfast and loyal to your site.
  • Product Selection by Brand: We can break the navigation down within the site so you can have many separate Brands within your product list.
  • Advance Search Function: search for any product throughout the site by simply typing in a keyword and the search function will handle the rest for you.
  • Activate or Delete Client: you have total control over who is buying your products.
  • Eway or Paypal Gateway: Our shopping cart sites allow for both Eway (which is a platform that accepts Visa, Mastercard & Amex) integration as well as the simpler PayPal option. We will guide you during the habitually difficult process of the Eway & PayPal set-up obligations and fully train you in how it works. We are also here to assist you once the site goes live just in case there are any hiccups or bugs in the development of the cart. If you find that you call for extra training we are yet again more than happy to accommodate this.
  • Security & Encryption: We can offer SSL implementation and support giving you the highest standard in online security.
  • Google Analytics: The website will be fully integrated with Google Analytics so you will have a good idea of where the purchases are coming from and which pages on the site they are going to.
  • Mobile Friendly: We can design and build a mobile friendly site that works on all hand held devices.
  • Customised Inventory Management System: If you want to go that one step further we have the knowhow and expertise to integrate a full CRM system that will manage your stock and inventory. This way if a popular product sells out it will be removed from the cart instantly. It can also send you a reminder to re order out of stock products. This is an ideal way to not disappoint potential or existing customers.


For your online shop to function, you will require a PayPal Business or Premier account. Don’t fret too much about this, it’s truly easy to set up and we can assist you through it during the design process.