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Let Your Pages Do the Walking Through the Fingers

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It was once upon a time when people used to go for yellow pages and various other directories to find a local business! It was then when getting oneself registered in the documents of local yellow pages and business directories was a must to get them discovered… Bygone are those days!!

According to a recent study, roughly 90% of buyers do research online prior to purchasing locally. This increases with Internet access beefed up into mobile phones and other devices. People nowadays key in Google search from their computer, ipads or mobile phones. Thus all the major search engines now lay priority over local search in their algorithms. The registration of the websites with the various local directories that are powered by each of the search engines is more important than ever, and may positively affect search engine rankings. The major players are Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local.

Google, with Google places, takes this stage a little further letting you tailor your listing with your logo, photos, video and even customer reviews.  There are even anecdotes that reviews may also play a part in Search Engine rankings.


For a chunk of online businesses, getting discovered in the local areas makes it more nous rather than being found globally. It means far bigger scores of customers rushing towards your corporal location or calling directly.


Local SEO is a way out!

Local SEO is a peerless kickoff for small business owners who yearn to benefit from the Internet whilst not dribbling away a penny. With Local SEO done, you may actually have to spend a smaller amount than the cost that might incur in getting listed in printed yellow pages and directories!

If you are a dentist, lawyer or some other localized professional or if got a restaurant, bakery, brick-and-mortar facility, etc, then your search engine optimization attempts will be at variance from a nationally or globally based operation.

This “localization” is thus a different algorithm. Google and Bing acknowledge that when you key in “bouquet shop” or “chinese restaurant” you are not looking for results on the other side of the country.  The search engines unintermittedly monitor your location when you search and assort the search engine results pages (SERPs) helping you serve more germane and akin link.

Recent studies indicate that people are absconding printed yellow pages and business directories. The world is drifting away from the printed word. Newspaper readership has crashed down and persists to tumble. In fact, in the present day more people go online to dig up news updates, stock quotes, and weather reports–virtually the whole lot!

The Benefits of Local SEO

Local SEO excavates you out when someone is in the hunt for something that you offer in your locality. The upshots are that you get more:

  • Foot traffic to your physical location
  • Prospective calls and
  • Prospective emails

How to drive in local audience to your business with a slim budget?

We, at Solushunz Technologies, discern the nuisances of local SEO and help you fly over your competitors. If you are not positioned on page one of the localized searches, you hold a stiff opportunity of blowing in new customers to your business. We thus being cognizant about it take your local business in a beam of spotlight and prominence to drive in new customers.

Our local SEO services wraps up the following provisions:

  • Defining a local SEO strategy;
  • Optimizing your website for local search;
  • Creating content to boost localization awareness by the search engines;
  • Link building to help you leap over your competitors;

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