Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to looking for something online, nearly everyone will use a search engine for aid. Making sure that your company is close to the crest of these rankings is the target of Search Engine Optimisation – and it will harvest major benefits for your company.
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Let Solushunz Technologies aid you with your Search Engine Optimization, and watch your customer base flourish!

Solushunz Technologies is a large-scale IT solutions provider firm with several years of know-how and highly adept workforce of experienced employees. We offer comprehensive & strategic Internet Marketing solution services with the blend of array of Search Engine Optimization techniques. Fusing our strong expertise, technical adroitness and intellectual knowledge of various Online Marketing strategies like – Affiliate Marketing, Viral Marketing, Pay-per-Click Advertising and other quality-driven deliverance model, we bid unbeaten end-to-end web solutions.

Our prominence as well as business-driven advent distinguishes us from conservative SEO companies. For the past several years, we have fashioned a good position in generating an unimpeachable ROI for our clients through our Banners advertising, Directory Submission, Email Marketing and SEO Services. If you are looking for a Search engine optimization services & Internet marketing services combo for your products or services, then you are at the ideal place.

We Exercise What We Sermonize

The preeminent testimony of our Search Engine Optimization is that we take up search engine strategies ourselves. Solushunz Technologies relies on top search engine rankings in and around India to be found by those companies in search of web design, web marketing and web promotion. We can demonstrate you how to capture your markets just as well.

Top 5 Reasons to choose Solushunz Technologies

  • We will deliver you top rankings and we can prove it.
  • We take pride in ourselves for our customer service. For all the time we make certain that we are following up with our clients during the same business day.
  • We will offer you real internet marketing solutions for your online needs.
  • We will put forward more deliverables than our competition.
    • And above all- we can tailor an SEO solution to suit your needs and timeframes.


Our SEO Approach

SEO programs are greatly intricate and ever-changing. Our tactic is designed to break down activities into convenient and understandable pieces, so that our clients can easily see what activities are being done and why they are significant.


The Solushunz Technologies’ Search Process:


1.      Site architecture:
To initiate we will scrutinize your current site structure to make certain that it is accessible and can be navigated by search engines. We also look at the technical edifice of your tags and meta data. We also verify the site conformance with WC3 international standards. Search engines may have intricacy indexing a non-conforming site correctly.
2.      Robust keyword research:
What are your potential customers looking for? What would they type into a search engine?  Keywords are fundamental throughout your strategy whether it involves Link Building, Keyword Analysis or Website Optimisation, so we’ll research and identify the ten most apposite keywords and phrases indispensable to attract pertinent visitors to your site. This crucial work forms the foundation of your on-going SEO strategy. Then each month, we’ll work to make sure your rank for these terms augments.

Even though at the outset it may seem easy to pick keywords for your website, the key here is to pick effectual words that have comparatively petite competition.

If you search for a common keyword brought into play by a numerous websites, it will not reap as much benefits than the keywords that are vaguely less common in searches and very less used by our competitor websites.

We will, thus, identify all major players in each of your core product segments and perform research with a focus on key factors surrounding SEO and online marketing. To sum up, in this phase we will:

  • Discuss with you on desired keywords and key phrases.
  • Research and analyze keywords on the base of search popularity and level of competition.
  • Finalize list of the 10 “best” keywords and key phrases.

3. Onsite Optimization

Our Website Optimisation focuses on the text that is on your website, furthermore making sure that it is keyword dense, to attract potential clients to your site. We will first cautiously pick your keywords and then review your keyword density, title tags, meta-description, alt tags and various other SEO-friendly features and content added to your website. This review is done in order to ensure that they are phrased in line with your target keywords and are fully capable of being crawled by spiders. Subsequently, where suitable, we’ll make tweaks and re-write to improve the quality of your onsite SEO.

4. Offpage Optimisation: The Off-Page Optimization gyrates around producing a superior-quality content that others might want to link to. This entails videos, infographics, content-rich blog posts, Wikipedia pages, etc.

Quality content is a solution to attracting relevant quality links from other sites, and key to securing search engine visibility. Good content is not only distinct but can position your business as an online authority in your industry.  Being an industry authority clutches many benefits, including attracting pertinent links and new opportunities.  Quality content can also help out with conversion—potential clients respect content authority.

We warily scrutinize the sites that are linking to you to ensure that they are valuable and apt. Incoming links (sometimes known as back-links) are crucial to good placement on certain search engines, especially Google. If your incoming links require step up, we work out a link building plan for you. Solushunz Technologies is happy to guide you through the process, but we believe client involvement is vital. If you prefer, we can implement the plan on your behalf.

This is how we carry out the task:

  1. To initiate, we build social profiles intended for secure links in addition to content sharing.
  2. We submit your website to local directories so that it turns up on mobile devices in addition to the directories unique to product as well (ex: trade publications).
  3. Our plan encompasses the purchase of monthly links from respected sources (for instance
  4. We turn out timely Press Releases.
  5. We do blogging from client’s blog in their name, and share out through social networking groups and RSS in order to help save their time!
  6. We proffer guest blogging.

Social signals play bit by bit more noteworthy role in SEO and may perhaps encroach on rankings. Solushunz Technologies builds up the monthly social signals into all the link-building plans.

5. Links

Website’s links is yet an added crucial phase of a search engine’s ranking. Google, Yahoo and the other foremost search engines are dotty about seeing sites that have incoming links from good quality significant sites. The most excellent way to attract links is to have a good looking website that is kept unsullied and alive. If people want to share your website it will be easier for your website to achieve high Google ranking.

Consequently, Link popularity is perhaps the most significant Search Engine Optimization criterion. It’s no longer adequate to have perfect onsite optimisation. As the search engine algorithms have become more multifaceted, your rank also depends on back links from elsewhere on the web. Therefore a critical part of your package is to build those links.

Here’s how we do:

In the first month, your website will be submitted to 20 free directories.

Subsequently each month we’ll:

  • Write 1 blog posts, two quality articles and submit them to appropriate websites with a good page rank.
  • Leave forum comments on relevant sites.
  • Circulate your press releases.


Be assured, we’ll only secure quality links. As you know the framework of the internet is built on trust and you just can’t dupe Google with attempts to shortcut and ploy their smart algorithm.

6. Monitoring & Reporting

For the reason that you want to see progress, you’ll be given a weekly report specifying your existing rank for each keyword. It’s an easy way to track and see how your investment is paying off.

In this phase, Solushunz Technologies will monitors their  clients’ site performance, conduct initial client calls, and send monthly SEO linking and ranking reports.

Google Analytics lets us to gauge website traffic and keyword positions, as well as organic traffic sources. This tool allows us to make informed decisions about new campaigns and spot opportunities for your business to grow further online.

Solushunz Technologies has an utterly long-term approach headed for search engine optimization—we prolong to research and invest in keeping on top of search engine’s ever changing algorithms so we can take in these changes into your Internet marketing plan and website.

SEO Services:

We like to meet up people, sit together, sip coffee and offer them the best economical solutions for their budget. We listen, we analyze, we design and develop, and we implement, optimize and bring it home. And we would not stop ever!

Our array of SEO and Online Marketing Services include:

  • Keyword research
  • Content analysis and on-page optimization
  • Seo copywriting
  • title and meta tags optimization
  • HTML code optimization
  • Internal navigation optimization
  • Quality one-way link building for:
  • Link popularity (number of inbound links) enhancement;
  • Boosting PageRank (overall weight of inbound links);
  • Anchor text ranking (structuring of links with the particular anchors).
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Banner Advertising
  • Rich Media
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Listings
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Traffic Reports
  • Video Optimization
  • And much more!

We avail our clients with the complete assortment of Search Engine Marketing Services; Yahoo, MSN/Live; SEO consulting, incorporating Organic Search Engine Optimization for Google, PPC, Social Media Optimization (SMO), and Link Building.

Make the right choice

The choice is yours. You can watch your competitors leap over you online OR you can do something about it right away and impede this from occurring.

If you have any further queries about SEO or would like to see your business soar up the rankings, please call one of our SEO Consultants on _______ or you can drop a email to us at _________. We’ll delineate your objectives and explicate how Solushunz Technologies can help you nurture your business.

And if you’d like to find out more about the significance of SEO and how it works, have a read through our FAQs section below:


1.  What is SEO?

SEO abbreviates Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an approach of tailoring website in a manner such that it can be located in search engines with no mess for its targeted and significant keywords. This position could be achieved by making use of certain specific keywords and optimizing interior and exterior phases that manipulate search engine positioning. This is all done in order to reach the major target of every professionally executed SEO campaign and acquiring top positioning for targeted keywords in addition to search engine traffic boom and to catch the attention of a higher rate of online visitors.

SEO is an on-going process that involves:

  • Increasing your page rank,
  • Optimising your website for relevant keywords and phrases, and
  • Building links from other locations on the web.

2.   Why is SEO necessary?

The search engine’s task is to trawl the Internet and return quality information when people key-in in the keywords. To pull off this they use multifarious algorithms (which are updated over and over again) to ensure that the user is presented with a choice of the best sites.

Thus, if your business success dwells on traffic volume, you ought to furnish your SEO close heed. If you don’t, you’ll mislay on visitors and eventually sales.

Good SEO management amplifies your rank and sway the traffic volumes that search engines direct to your site. It influences where your site appears in organic searches. The major target of every professionally executed SEO campaign is acquiring top positioning for targeted keywords in addition to search engine traffic boom. Which is why, search engine optimization can boost up the amount of sales figures and conversions in times!

3.   Why do you need to worry about your SEO?

SEO influences your rank for specific search terms. In turn this affects:

  1. When and where your site appears in various search results.

So if it’s essential for you to get yourself discovered online for particular keywords and phrases, it necessitates for you to use SEO to make certain your business appears towards the top of the search engine results.

  1. Your onsite SEO manoeuvres what search engines deems your website is about.
  2. The quality and quantity of your back-links will expose the worth of your website and tell how germane it is recognized to be aligned with few specific search terms.

If you’d like to focus on your SEO, have a word with our Marketing head, Mr. Pawan Tekchandani, today. We’re based in India but can deal with your SEO wherever you live.