Web Hosting


There are scores of hosting companies out there offering cut-price solutions, but their hosting takes you away from the shoreline and their IT support are only accessed online. With Solushunz Technologies, you will have access to us– which also means that any hitch or predicaments that you may have with your website hosting will be fixed without more ado.

Solushunz Technologies is a Top most Web Hosting Company located in Kanpur, India offering Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting Services. We are in operation since 1998 and as on date serve 10,000+ websites. We put together an effort to craft the web design process as easy as possible for our clients. We do offer hosting services for smaller clients and arrange setup for sites that have larger requirements as well.

Our LINUX and WINDOWS web hosting solutions believes in furnishing their clients with robust, peppy, and dependable hosting with no adverts, popup or banners. We serve our clients with competitively priced, nevertheless reliable web hosting services based in Kanpur, India. The clientele may pick from a broad array of Web hosting packages to meet all your business needs. High performance hosting services provide great value and stability, taking the uncertainty out of your hosting decision. Your site will be hosted in a world class network

We have an apposite web hosting solution for you in our data center based right here in India. Whether you’re an enterprise level business, a small business or even someone who wants to host their personal website, we avail you with friendly support pooled with 99.95% dependability and security giving you uptime guarantee that you are in safe hands with Soluhsunz Technologies.

Solushunz Technologies abates your headache when it comes to a hosting solution. We are capable enough to host your new website securely erstwhile we have designed one for you. We assure you gratification and peace of mind over your new site that it will be up and online 24/7. We never bind you into long term contracts to host your new website and you will find that our prices are tremendously economical.

Hosting Packages Available

Below is a list of the hosting options that we furnish to our clients:

• Open a LINUX hosting account from only Rs. ____ per year.
• Open a Windows hosting account for Rs. ___  per year.

Domain names are too available for all website hosting accounts.

Why host with us?

There are numerous companies out there who can furnish you with a website design hosting service or a web design platform that can handle your hosting and emails but the one distinct feature that sets us apart from other company is that WE ARE GENUINE. We are the people who answer your phone, are responsive and run a business like you. We comprehend it very well that having website go down is a great catastrophe.


What we WILL do

  1. Without more ado we endeavour to put back into working order any hosting dilemma that you might get stuck into
  2. Furnish you with a secure, robust, and stress free hosting experience
  3. Avail you with reliable infrastructure for your website hosting
  4. Proffer you alternative hosting packages to suit your business
  5. We never up-sell you over the phone and shove you into a website hosting package that you may never require.
  6. We speak your language–not ‘tech speak’! We have been there before so we understand how frustrating this ‘geek talk’ can be.

If you are bogged down with your current hosting provider who is making it a herculean task for you, switch your website over to Solushunz Technologies and we will take care of everything. Remember we can speak ‘geek’ so we know how to exchange a few words with these often difficult, uncooperative web company hosting representatives. This will be done at no additional cost so you don’t have to spend hours and hours over the phone, wasting valuable time.

What we can give you:

  1. FREE 24×7 swift and rapid account setup
  2. NO binding Contracts!!
  3. Custom Support
  4. 24×7 Monitoring
  5. World class Data Centers
  6. 24×7 onsite physical security
  7. Best-of-breed routers, servers plus firewalls
  8. Secure SSL Certificates

You will be furnished with __gb of server space in addition to the ability to edit, add and delete pages at your leisure. If you have a slideshow, you will be able to upload and edit the images.


So if you would like to put your feet up and let Solushunz Technologies take care of your web site hosting, then please give us a call on +91-8052700007 or contact us here.